Skateboard Street Format for all Paris 2024 Olympic Qualifier

Die neuen Regeln für die Olympic Street Qualifiers für Paris 2024. Wie wir finden eine höchst sinnvolle Änderung, weil jetzt auf jeden Fall ein Run dabei sein muss und man nicht mehr mit 3 guten Tricks Sieger werden kann. Das fördert ein vielseitigeres Können, und nützt denen, die auch gute Runs zeigen.

Hier die Info von World Skate:

World Skate are delighted to announce the release of the official Skateboard Street Format for all Paris 2024 Olympic Qualifier events.

Taking forward learnings and feedback from Tokyo, and working in close consultation with both the Athlete Commission and World Skate’s International Skateboard Judging Commission, the unanimously-agreed format will operate as illustrated below.

While much of the format will be familiar to skateboarders who competed within the World Skate umbrella last year, the main differences or innovations within the rules we have highlighted below:

  • Memorise the 2/5/3 system! 2 Runs+ 5 Single Trick attempts produce 3 top scores: Best Run score+ 2 Highest-Scoring Single Trick scores.
  • Each scored out of 100 and to two decimal points (i.e. 300.00 maximum total).
  • Tie Break in 2/5/3 scenario: highest run score decides. If still a dead heat, the highest-scoring Single Trick will be the decider.
  • NEW- Scoring Refusal Procedure: a skateboarder has the right to have a trick scrubbed if they wish to go back and do it better later without incurring any repetition penalty. They should immediately indicate to the Judging Panel where the Head Judge will instantly disregard that score.

Complete competition rules will shortly be made available online for all interested parties to consult ahead of and throughout the 2022 season!

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